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School Clubs

CLA Robotics: 
The Robotics Club teaches the way of the future! We work with building robots that can perform all kinds of tasks. We learn how to program robots so they can do thing automatically. We design ways to improve and modify robots to make them better than ever. Students work together as a team of engineers working through the Engineering Process. Robotics Club is working towards teaching students how to build things that can make life easier for everyone. 

Cason Lane Chorus: 
The Cason Lane Chorus is comprised of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students who love to sing and learn about music.  Our goals are to encourage musical growth through singing, listening, and reading music; teach correct singing techniques and develop musical/interpretive skills; and provide a variety of performance opportunities to represent CLA both at school and in the community.   We meet once a week from September through April from 7:15 - 8:15 am.  Membership is open at the beginning of each school year for 30 singers.  There is no fee to join, however, a signed chorus contract is required to be considered for membership.   

Cason Lane’s Garden Club: 
CLA Garden Club will give you the chance to get involved in all aspects of gardening. We will plant vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs in our tower garden, two greenhouses, butterfly garden, Victory garden, and multiple beds around campus.  We will learn gardening tools and techniques, harvest our crops, taste various fruits and vegetables, and complete several garden projects.  

Invention Convention Club: 
In this club, students are inventing a product using a specific set of parameters in one of two categories: games and make our lives easier. In the games category, students may invent games that are not only entertaining, but also educational for multiple age groups. In the make our lives easier category, students may invent devices that will potentially make living more convenient and/or more comfortable. The Club will prepare students to participate and present at the annual Invention Convention at MTSU in February, a competition for public and private school fourth and fifth-grade children. The competition requires that the students actually make their inventions using their own creative imaginations. It is hoped that the development of such inventions will help integrate many of the content areas taught in the fourth- and fifth grade curricula. There will be no fees to join the club.