Shannon Martin

Ms. Shannon Martin

Welcome to 6th grade! 
I am so excited about the beginning of a new school year... a very special and memorable time. Students will embrace new ideas and challenges as they explore literary works, new math concepts, ancient cultures, our dynamic planet and the human body, in addition to sharpening their writing skills through a variety of modes. I hope that you will visit this site often to check out upcoming event information and resources. 

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A little information about me :

I am the proud mother of three beautiful and healthy children: Katelyn, Brennan, and Bryce!

Birthday: October 24

Hometown: Murfreesboro

College: MTSU
Years at CLA: 14

Favorite Authors: Jane Austen 

Favorite Movie: Twilight Series!!!

I also love Pride and Prejudice

If I had a super power it would be:

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