Felicia Jackson

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Felicia Jackson

Mrs. Jackson

I began my career in 1999 as a 7th grade science teacher at CLA.  I have also taught 1st and 4th grades through the years and have been recognized as Teacher of the Year three times. 

 Education:  B.S. in Elem. Ed. K-8 (MTSU); M.Ed in Educational Leadership (Lipscomb University)

  May 2 

Family:  Gary (husband); Rachel & Kristin (daughters); Jaycee (granddaughter)

Favorite restaurants:  Cracker Barrel; Subway; Jason’s Deli; Olive Garden; Camino Real

Favorite Treats:  Fruits; Nuts; Omega 3 Nuts & Cranberry Trail Mix;  Banana Moon Pie; Maple Nut Goodies; Payday candy bar

Favorite Drinks:  Fanta Peach Soda; Sonic Cherry Limeade; Sprite; Water

Other Favorite Things:  Amazon; Wal Mart; Target; Bath & Body Works; Serenity Salt Cave; Carmike Movie Theater; 100% pure essential oils (e.g. lemon, sweet orange, tea tree, lavender, frankincense, On Guard/Protect, peppermint) 

My Personal Mission Is To . . .

                         Make a difference . . . even the smallest daily differences can add up;

                            Impart knowledge in a way that is relevant, meaningful, and interesting;

                            Shape the “whole” child’s quality of life;

                            Stimulate the child’s imagination, creativity, and critical thinking;

                            Impress upon each young mind to be the best that he or she can be;

                            Open the door to actively engaged experiences that go beyond the textbook and memorization;

                            Navigate each student toward academic and personal success.


My Personal Vision Is To . . . 


I want to “Be the change that I want to see in the world.”  
~Mahatma Mohondas Gandhi